The Early Years

Eusebius was born from the arranged union of Kristian Faust and Una Hochnӓsig. The Faust family is famous for producing children of arcane proficiency. The Hochnӓsig family gained much of their wealth and prominence by training and selling slaves for the gladiatorial games and as personal soldiers for nobles as well as Kalaks army.

Eusebius was the first of seven children produced by the young noble couple. Growing up Eusebius did not see much of his parents together. His parents were commonly working towards their own pursuits for their noble families or to please Kalak. However, when his parents did spend time together it was spent in the privacy of their own quarters. Eusebius was raised more by the servants and his tutors than his own parents from his birth to the age of five. At age five, he spent his time learning the intrigues of noble court from his father. At age six he was tested by his father for ability in the arcane arts. Eusebius displayed much promise during the test, and was thus put under his uncle’s tutelage. His uncle, Arian, had been the most powerful warlock of the previous Faust generation. He would spend much of his life in his uncle’s care.

Eusebius continued to rapidly improve his skills as a young warlock. He greatly respected his uncle who was one of Kalaks most trusted templars. Templars were not allowed to have families of their own during their service to the sorcerer king. This prevented Templars from having stronger attachments than to their king. Arian took much interest in Eusebius’ progress as a warlock and thought of him as his own son, which would be frowned upon if it were ever publically displayed.

Eusebius thought of his uncle as a father figure however, he had been trained from a young age to disdain attachment to anyone as it was unbecoming of a noble. As expected of any noble gentleman Eusebius attended soirees with other young nobles. During which he practiced and gained expertise in the wooing of noble women. In his 18th year he took a wife: Nira of a prominent noble family and had a son: Roydon , which was very uncommon for a noble training to be a Templar. Even more uncommon if not odd was his love for the both of them. Arian looking out for Eusebius’s future suggested that end his attachment to the both of them.

At the age of 22 Eusebius decided though reluctantly to listen to Arian. He left his wife and son to become a Templar. Secretly he still supports them seeing them very occasionally with the help of Arian. Sorcerer-King Kalak himself had taken a special interest in Eusebius employing him in his inner circle. Although celebrations are not held his parents are very proud of their sons ascension to the highest ranks. Eusebius was tasked by Kalak to work with Arian in finding the rarest of the rare arcane magic throughout Athas. While on one such venture Kalak was overthrown by the slave uprising. Arian and Eusebius returned to find things in Tyr to be in disarray. His family though intact and still with influence had declined in fortunes. Without the patronage of Kalak, Eusebius decided to still continue his work, hoping one day to avenge his rulers defeat or in failing that to make himself a leader of prestige.


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